What is EFPSA?

The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) is an international student association founded in 1987 during the first international psychology congress in Portugal. This association represents a rich network of psychology students based worldwide, who strive together for the creation of a united collaboration between all psychology students across Europe. 

APE info has been under EFPSA’s observation for one year, and after its growth and development, it officially became a member of the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA), during the annual congress held this year in April 2021. It’s a very important achievement as it will help us become part of a psychology world more international and enriched!

As of today, EFPSA’s main activities are four, namely:

  • to actively help psychology students
  • to actively contribute to today’s society
  • to ameliorate the psychology domain within its domains
  • to create a network and link between professionals and academics with students, assuring a perfectly harmonious environment and collaboration with the future psychologist

Projects by EFPSA

The Annual Congress

The annual congress takes place every year, during spring, in a European city, which changes for every congress. It aims to create moments of perspective sharing and room for debates, and at the same time to facilitate the dialogue between students and international professionals in the psychology domain. 

This event lasts seven days, where different kinds of activities are held: seminars, workshops, debates, presentations of research projects of EFPSA’s associates as well as moments of cultural exchange. 

The principal purpose of this event, as for many other events organised by EFPSA throughout the year, is to allow students to discover different emerging topics in psychology and to embrace new perspectives while broadening their horizons. 

Being able to participate at EFPSA Congress is a unique opportunity as it encourages international networks, makes the participants able to assist in brand-new seminars, and, more importantly, allows meeting new psychology students from all across Europe, visiting at the same time the hosting city and country of the event!At present, ApeinFO and its associates had the chance to attend the Congress of 2020 and the Congress of 2021. The Congress of 2020 was held in Ireland with the topic “Future by Looking Through the Lens of the Past”, whereas the Congress of 2021 was held in 2021 exclusively online due to the actual Covid-19 health emergency. The topic of this year’s congress was “The paradox of an open mind: cycling through controversies”.  

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