Emotional Eating

Nowadays we live in a world that seems to be going towards the path of ecology, reduction of consumption, pollution, and, in general, economic and social sustainability. In this panorama, people are implementing changes in their lifestyles, to follow a proper diet that does not include the use of junk food and, above all, waste, […]

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Return From ERASUMS

Time of reading: 2 minutes AFTER YOUR RETURN IN ITALY Once you return from this kind of experience, it is normal to be a little disoriented and full of different emotions: it’s like the magic is over, and here come the bureaucratic issues, again, but don’t worry! We are here to show you the main […]

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Psychoanalysis is a psychological approach and a therapeutic method. The basic principle is the presence of a psychic unconscious life.  Psychoanalysis is a very common term, which we have all heard at least once. Have you ever wondered what it means? Psychoanalysis has developed thanks to the studies of Sigmund Freud. It represents a psychological […]

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Overthinking is an extremely widespread phenomenon and it occurs when we think too much. Obviously, thinking is a good thing: all of us, at least once in our lives, have heard someone saying “remember to think before you speak”.  The ability to think is very important: it helps us make the right decisions, reflect on […]

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Introduction to ERASMUS

Time of reading: 5 minutes Do you want to go on Erasmus, but the anxiety of administrative procedures is already sending you into crisis? … Don’t worry! Silvia and Vittoria are gonna take care of it giving you the tips you are looking for! We are sure you have heard a lot about Erasmus, from […]

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