Return From ERASUMS

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Once you return from this kind of experience, it is normal to be a little disoriented and full of different emotions: it’s like the magic is over, and here come the bureaucratic issues, again, but don’t worry! We are here to show you the main steps you’ll have to manage on you come back to Italy.

You will send all documents in a single file. Firstly, you will have to scan them, then complete them, and eventually send them back to Your University. 

Handover of the necessary documentation:

  1. Certificate of Stay:  It’s the document that certifies your stay abroad. It must be filled out and signed by the foreign University. The start and end dates of your stay will determine the amount of the scholarship. The scholarship generally comes eventually, not immediately.
  2. Learning Agreement: After having attended courses and have passed exams (that can be different in comparison to the one that you did at the beginning of the journey due to changes during your stay at the foreign university) and the Transcript of Records (for the conversion of grades). You must complete the first table on page two, sending L.A. to your Erasmus referent in Italy and consequently to your foreign Erasmus referent. You are not obliged to fill out: “during the mobility” and “after the mobility”.
  3. A questionnaire to be filled out and a language test: You will receive a link at the moment in which you will end your Erasmus experience
  4. Short report and photos of the experience (not compulsory): The conversion of the grades obtained abroad it’s made by comparing the scale of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) grades of the foreign university and the Italian University.


Don’t be frightened by all these procedures, we’ve all been through it (let’s admit, it’s long and boring, but it’s worth it!), and so you’ll make it too! And once the bureaucratic part is finished, you can concentrate on the wonderful experience that is waiting for you! A warm advice to endure the terrible “return melancholy” … Join the ESN association of Your University in order to always stay in touch with that dimension of internationality and joie de vivre that characterized the Erasmus experience! And above all, do not lose contact with those foreign friends you met abroad, because it can also be a way to keep the language learned alive. 

Silvia Bolla and Vittoria Mirabelli


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