Art Therapy

“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modelled, built, or invented except to get literally out of hell.” ― Antonin Artaud The expression “Art Therapy” was first used in 1942, in England, by the British artist Adrian Hill, who argued that, through the artistic work, the patient could rebalance his mind and body.  While this […]

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The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect, or “false memory syndrome” is a memory distortion and it occurs when people recall an event that never happened. Why is this phenomenon called this way? The phrase “Mandela Effect” came up during a congress, in which Fiona Broome said that Mandela’s death took place in a prison in the 80s and […]

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Psychoanalysis is a psychological approach and a therapeutic method. The basic principle is the presence of a psychic unconscious life.  Psychoanalysis is a very common term, which we have all heard at least once. Have you ever wondered what it means? Psychoanalysis has developed thanks to the studies of Sigmund Freud. It represents a psychological […]

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The psychiatrist Tamaki Saito coined the word “Hikikomori” to describe a worrying phenomenon that is catching on in Europe, USA, and Japan. In Japan, there are already more than 1 million cases. The main feature/characteristic of this phenomenon is social withdrawal, which causes/leads the individual to isolate himself from the outside world on purpose. People […]

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Overthinking is an extremely widespread phenomenon and it occurs when we think too much. Obviously, thinking is a good thing: all of us, at least once in our lives, have heard someone saying “remember to think before you speak”.  The ability to think is very important: it helps us make the right decisions, reflect on […]

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