Psychoanalysis is a psychological approach and a therapeutic method. The basic principle is the presence of a psychic unconscious life. 

Psychoanalysis is a very common term, which we have all heard at least once. Have you ever wondered what it means?

Psychoanalysis has developed thanks to the studies of Sigmund Freud. It represents a psychological approach based on the assumption that a huge part of psychic life takes place in an unconscious form, out of the person’s control and awareness. The same term is also used to indicate a procedure for the investigation of psychic processes and a therapeutic method for the treatment of neurotic disorders.

Psychotherapy, viewed from a psychoanalytic perspective, performs an exploratory function, intending to bring out and process unconscious representations, such as self-images, fantasies, fears, and defensive mechanisms, which define one person’s life and biography. 

This is the reason why the patient is asked to freely talk about whatever comes to his mind, according to the free association’s method. The professional takes a neutral position, he intervenes very few times and only in relation to what the patient is saying, to help him become aware of hidden meanings in his words and behaviors.

Vittoria Mirabella  


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