Zoom Fatigue: why is the video call so exhausting?

The daily use of video calls is anything but relaxing! 

In fact, the expression “Zoom Fatigue” refers to a feeling of tiredness at the end of long online conferences through regular web platforms and specific websites for video calls.

Why do we feel so exhausted after a video call?

  1. Lack of “non-verbal” language: There is a significant lack of non-verbal aspects during a video call. This means that people have to work harder to process non-verbal cues such as facial expression, tone of voice, and body language in general.
  2. Technical Issues: A slow Internet speed and poor video quality can cause speech delays, hindering and negatively affecting the conversation.
  3. Performance Pressure: During a video call, people are aware that others are watching them, as if they were on a stage. This self-awareness can lead to people feeling a certain social pressure.

How can we manage the “Zoom Fatigue”?

  • Limit video calls to only those that are necessary -> If you cannot avoid them, it would be better if you do only the necessary ones. Video calls are not always the best option.
  • Time-limits -> video-call should not last more than 45 minutes, and you also should take a break between calls.
  • Do not be a multitasker during a video call -> it can be easier to lose focus: people may continue to read emails, sending texts and messages while on a video call and this can negatively affect their work and their productivity.

Francesca Camilla Perra



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