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On Friday December 2nd A.P.E. Info conducted the annual European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) Day, with the aim of raising awareness about EFPSA among the students of the Università Cattolica in Milan.

EFPSA was established in 1987 with the mission to bring psychology students together and enrich their understanding and application of the psychology discipline. Along with this, their goal was, and continues to be, to make psychology students more equipped for the professional world through skill development and application, all while connecting with other students throughout Europe. Although a daunting goal, the Federation achieves it by consistently developing their campaigns and services, while always maintaining a high quality. 

EFPSA’s values are simple: association, clarity, diversity, and fortitude, which set the foundation for a cooperative and effective work environment, both with professionals and students around Europe. This is evident based on the list of achievements since the establishment of the association, all listed in a document which can be found at the end of this article. A few of the regular successes include the yearly organisation of a series of events across Europe which offer unique opportunities to students, for example, the Congress, the European Summer School (ESS), the Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT), and the Junior Researcher Programme Conference, to name a few. 

All of this made the EFPSA Day a thrilling experience. The afternoon was filled with presentations and activities connected with the association to increase familiarity of it and reach the awareness of as many students as possible. 

The day started off with a quick introduction from the director of the A.P.E. Info EFPSA team, Isabella Baldonieri, followed by a short icebreaker activity to interact with all the participants. Soon after, a longer presentation began on the possibilities that EFPSA provides to all students, including study and travel abroad, research programmes, training offices, and social impact initiatives. The presentation included a live call – reaching all the way to Turkey – with the Social Impact Initiative Coordination, Bahadir Çamur, who provided further details on each particular campaign. One student participant commented that her biggest takeaway was “the way [EFPSA] approach the world; the message of young people together to spread awareness with kind acts and a supportive community”. 

To conclude the day, participants took part in an online quiz with the possibility of winning a small prize, as well as a mental health bingo, emphasising self care activities that help enhance well being and maintain good mental health.

Aside from the event being a great success, it proved that EFPSA continues to be an important, inspiring, and most of all unique, opportunity for psychology students all around Europe, both for personal and professional development. Isabella Baldioneri states that she was personally very satisfied with the event and the way it turned out to be, and it is safe to say that A.P.E Info is excited to see what this partnership will bring in the new year!

Di Carlotta Menozzi


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